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"Could a tarot fortune telling reading predict your future or reveal your fate in love, money, relationships? Can knowing future predictions help you shape that future? ... Are there opportunities coming your way? ... Hazards you can choose to avoid ... Is there someone special in your future or someone leaving you should prepare to lose? ... A fortunetelling tarot readings on your fate may reveal much.

Welcome! Fortune telling Tarot readings have been for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands of years (if you believe Tarot originated in Egypt or China). The battle over whether our fate is set or that we have "free will" to choose our destiny has been going on for nearly as long. Fortunetelling tarot readings can reveal fascinating insights into money, love, your life's path and possibilities, family or the destiny of others.

The term "fortunetellers or fortune tellers" may seem out-of-date ... but the divination tool called Tarot never seems to fade. Try a personal reading from our authentic tarot fortune tellers below.

Fortune Telling Tarot With Vincent

I am ready to help you with whatever questions you may have - Tarot answers all questions

Vincent started learning the Tarot in 1984 and began with Crowley's book of Thoth. Since then he has been a teacher of Tarot and it's symbolism. Using the Tarot to see what is going on around the questions asked by the querent and then talk to the querent to help them understand what I am seeing around the situation as well as give them the advice the Tarot is imparting. Depending on time and the question I use the three, five or seven card spread and while I am an intuitive reader I also have knowledge on how to interpret the cards as they are intended by the artist as well as Crowley and Waite. I use Barbara Moore's Steampunk and The Deviant Moon Tarot as my main two decks.

For A Special Tarot Reading On Your Future:
Vincent's Ext. 9248

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Fortune And Fate Tarot With Cory

Need Some Fortune Telling About Love Or Career - Call Me For A Personal Tarot Reading

If you are looking for answers about past events, possible futures that involve your love life, business life or family members, Cory is ready to help. Her clients love her encouraging style and her willingness to provide details in how to make a better future with better choices. With 20 years of experience in psychic and tarot readings, you will get the answers you are looking for ... and insights into possible futures. What does the future hold for you? Call Cory.

For A Tarot Reading On Your Fate And Fortunes:
Cory's Ext. 7690

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Tarot Future Readings With Ginger

Let me help you find out what 2011 may hold for you

For Ginger, Questions are just as important as answers and with my style of tarot card readings we shape it around you. I ask for details that guide us to the best path forward. Tarot brings balance where there's confusion and uncertainty. Through 9 cards we can quickly focus on what's happening and why. Your journey is important. Let's pull on what you're needing now.

For Tarot Readings With Ginger:
1-800-326-5923   Ginger's Ext. 3037
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Tarot Future Reading By Melody

Melody Is Ready To Explain What Fortune Telling Tarot Reveals

Melody has spent 23 years practicing her profession as a tarot reader and clairvoyant. Valued by her clients and callers for her accuracy and willingness to provide details, you are likely to be impressed by a reading from Melody. If you are curious about what future possibilities await you in love, career or anything else, let Melody show you what the tarot reveals.

For A Tarot Reading, Call Melody:
1-800-326-5923   Melody's Ext. 7909
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Tarot Future Readings With Hope

Let me help you find out what 2011 may hold for you

I use my Tarot to bring in messages and additional meaning from spirit guides. My Tarot act as a form of crystal ball for me to receive images and specific messages. I use the Medieval Scapini Tarot which are very detailed and descriptive. If you look at this deck you will see how vividly the images are displayed, which help me to guide my client through their reading. Each card tells me something different each time. I may receive an image that I haven't noticed on that card in the past. My personal deck is almost 30 years old.

For Tarot Readings With Hope:
1-800-326-5923   Hope's Ext. 3496
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Tarot Future Reading By Juliette

Juliette Is Ready To Explain What Fortune Telling Tarot Reveals

I grew up surrounded by tarot cards and have been reading them since I could talk. I am a fourth-generation psychic taught by my mother and grandmother before me so reading tarot is like my second language. In my readings I do use the meanings of each card but mainly focus on the energies I receive from the spread to connect to your spirit guides and accurately answer any question asked.

For A Tarot Reading, Call Juliette:
1-800-326-5923   Juliette's Ext. 9440
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First time caller for a tarot fortune telling reading? How exciting! We offer special rates to ALL first time callers. You are welcome to our Special Offer: A 10 Minute Tarot Fortune Telling Reading For Only 10 Dollars. Other special offers are always being offered. Just ask! Also, ALL tarot fortune telling readings come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Returning client? Glad to see you! Ask about our specials for preferred clients. We appreciate your becoming a client. It is understandable, of course. Once a person has experienced a quality tarot fortune telling reading with our skilled tarot fortunetellers, then returning here for additional readings is only natural. Quality tarot readings can become a powerful asset in everyday life. We strive to make tarot fortune telling readings (predictive tarot reading about your future) affordable for everyone.

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