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About Tarot Cards Displayed On Our Pages

"Everyone seems to want to know why we chose certain tarot cards to display.
Let us explain (even though you are likely to find you just have more questions)."

If you entered this website through our Home page, you noticed the four tarot cards we displayed representing four types of tarot readings: Love .... Money ... Fate/Future ... Inspiration/Spirituality. Many people ask, "Why only those four cards or categories?" and sometimes, "Why those four cards for those topics?". Here is our thinking.

About 99% of all the tarot readings requested by new clients fall into one of the four categories. Returning clients who have been working with our wonderful readers generally know they can ask any question of the Tarot (one of the great things about learning to work with a talented reader is learning all the ways Tarot can be applied and about other powerful divination tools). However, most first time callers generally want a reading about love, money, what the future holds or are in need of sorting out their spiritual path and want to know in what direction does their inspiration lie.

Now, part of what makes Tarot so interesting and powerful is that all four of these categories and overlap and lead into one another as naturally as ice, water, wind and heat. Questions of love may involve the future. The future or our possible fate may take us toward or away from a choice between what inspires us and what pays us. Our choices about what inspires or makes us money may helps us keep a lover or lose them ... or change the nature of our relationship with our lover. So, really, by laying out the four tarot card choices that we do, we are only helping people find a starting point. A focal point, if you will, to help folks get started. Really, one could start with any category.

All the cards come from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck published in about 1910 is one of the most popular tarot decks in the English speaking world. One great place you can learn more about this deck is at Wikipedia (and while you are there, maybe make a donation to help keep this wonder resource on the web).

So, that brings us to the cards themselves. Naturally, we chose the Lovers card to represent love relationships. However, the card also represents temptation, lust, a choice between paths, powerful emotions and more (depending on the tarot spread and what other tarot cards are associated with it during a reading). More an interesting information about the lovers card can be found at Tarot Love Readings - Lovers Card site.

For money we could not help but chose the King of Pentacles also known as King of Coins ... a man who knows how to accumulate wealth and power, who can bestow power to others. Many tarot specialists consider the Pentacles 'money cards'. This card can also represent the deep power of the earth, being grounded in the true principles of the universe. This card can also be be looking down on those who are wasteful of money, life or opportunities. Great card with powerful overtones.

The choice of the Wheel of Fortune card seemed obvious as the card of fate and future possibilities. Still, it also carries the meaning of coming news, future possibilities both good and bad, powerful forces at work against us or for our Gingerefit. Other cards in association with the Wheel of Fortune can shade it in many interesting and informative ways.

Much argument went into the selection of The Magician card to represent Inspiration and Spirituality. And, the debate rages on since this card can often mean the coming of wisdom (but it is the wisdom of survival in a physical world), the beginning of new and wondrous phase of life in which "control" is attained. It can also mean learning or education is needed or that someone learned is heading your way. In all of this, there is magic in the air. Still, spirituality or inspiration doesn't seem to be part of the card (or so some argue). Yet, what is that symbol of infinity above the Magician's head mean? And is his/her true mission to rise above the physical world by mastering it?

Often people ask why does a tarot card mean what it means? Excellent question. It all has to do with artwork, with the symbols on the card. What made the Rider-Waite tarot deck so potent and captivating when originally published (and still today) was the deep thought that went into the symbols chosen, how those symbols are displayed and even the colors that were used. EVERYTHING on the card has a meaning. Even how the symbols interrelate has meaning. This holds true for every tarot deck since created.

Tivonfully, we answered your questions. Most likely, you just learned enough that you now have dozens of more questions. In that case, give a call. Our professional readers are more than happy to answer any and all questions about tarot, tarot decks, reading tarot cards, learning more about tarot. A tarot reading does not just have to be just about personal issues, eh? It can be your connection to someone who will teach you a great deal about real tarot reading.

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