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Help With Getting A Tarot Card Reading

"Thinking about getting a professional Tarot card reading?
Want some help getting started? Let us make this easy for you."

If you are ready for a tarot reading, but want some help with what to expect, what to ask, how it works, then, go to our Reading Tips page. Where those topics are addressed. If you want your tarot reading, now ... well, then, go to our Get A Tarot Reading, Now page. Enjoy.

This page is for those who are, shall we say, trying to work up to getting a personal, professional reading. You want to try a tarot reading, but you just cannot seem to work up the "courage" to try one. Or, perhaps, you have had previous tarot readings with some friends, but now, you want a REAL tarot reading from someone with experience and real skill in the field of divination. For you, this page is to help you get a "running start" at making that phone call to one of our Tarot readers.

Some people are just naturally shy. If that is your case, then the sure cure is to just call, take advantage of the first time caller special, and remember that our tarot readers have only one interest: To meet you and assist you in any way they can. There is no judging, no teasing, no effort to make you say or do anything that would make you uncomfortable. In fact, you are about to meet some exceptional caring individuals who will go out of their way to make you feel completely at home. In fact, you are likely to discover the only thing that matches our readers compassion is their sense of humor.

The reasons people put off getting a personal reading (even though they would really like one) seem to vary. Even people who have had several tarot readings sometimes feel a bit apprehensive about getting another reading. You would think they are going to the dentist, not getting a possible opportunity to glimpse into the future, the past or maybe gain insights that would largely Gingerefit them. What you should be is excited. You are about to give yourself a very special experience that is only meant to make your life better.

A tarot reading is a very intimate experience ... and for many people talking to a stranger about intimate topics can be difficult. If this is true for you, keep in mind that our listed tarot readers have done numerous tarot readings on nearly every topic imaginable. As special as you think your issues are, it is very unlikely you are going to shock or surprise these experienced readers. They are professionals who are by nature kind, skilled, sensitive ... and experienced with dealing with nearly every topic you can imagine. As for talking with a perfect stranger about personal issues, have you ever notice how telling a stranger your troubles can be helpful? They do not know you, will not gossip about you and will never tell anyone you know about your conversation. Besides, haven't you ever noticed how someone outside your circle of friends and family can often offer an "outside" opinion is just the fresh perspective you need. The major difference is that a personal, professional tarot reading can be 10 times more powerful and insightful.

It is amazing how many people worry about and put-off a professional tarot reading because they think they might be doing something "wrong". They are concerned that it is "occult" ... or they will be ridiculed for doing something so "unscientific" as getting a tarot reading.

Consider this: It is likely that you have a set of tarot cards in your house. Those playing cards for poker, bridge, hearts and every other card game played by families world wide are based on the original source of Tarot cards. Kinda' gives a whole new meaning to that movie scene where two gamblers say, "Let's cut the cards and high card wins" ... they are using Tarot to let the universe and fate decide the outcome of their future. Using playing cards as Tarot cards for psychic readings is called "cartomancy" and is about as old (if not older) than any card game you are likely to play. So, is Tarot all that "occult", now?

As for a Tarot reading being "unscientific", well, of course it isn't. A tarot reading is about divination, or, something coming from the divine. It is far more associated with spirituality, art, personal discovery and the mystical. According to strict scientific thought, there is nothing spiritual or beyond the five senses. That is why science has such difficulty explaining such things as art or love or quality or God or virtue or anything else that is outside measurement. Having said all that it is worthing checking out Tarot and Synchronicity, where a more 'scientific' exploration of tarot is considered.

Spirituality and science are oil and water. They just do not mix very well. That does not mean one is right and the other wrong. Each serves an important purpose in the larger sphere of human existence. Unfortunately, there are just too many people who are too emotionally invested in trying to prove one is superior to the other. Good luck with that. The universe just doesn't care about the argument either way.

And, that brings us to the end of getting ready for a tarot reading. The question: Will your tarot reading be true? Know what? That is going to be completely up to you. It is always you who must decide what is true or not true for yourself. Isn't it all too true that you know the truth when you know it (and you know what is not true when you know it). Will everything revealed and predicted within a personal reading work out exactly as revealed and predicted? That will largely depend on what you do with the information when you are given it. Do you think everything you have been told and or read is always true just because someone said so? Be skeptical. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with being open to life's infinite possibilities, either.

A quality, personal, Tarot reading is part art, part skill and all mystical. It is about peeking into the divine and asking for assistance. There is no telling what answers you might get. You might even discover the divine will not even answer your questions directly but will instead direct you to an entirely different path. Of course, that is the prerogative of the Divine ... of the universe itself.

If you do not believe in anything divine or spiritual or mysterious ... oh, well, that is your loss. If you, however, think there is more to life than random events (and that there is more to this world than what the five senses reveal), then you really might enjoy a tarot reading. After all, as the law says, it is "only for entertainment purposes". So, really, why not enjoy yourself ... and treat yourself ... to a real Tarot reading. We are so sure you will be impressed with your personal tarot reading that it is backed with a satisfaction guarantee. You might even discover what thousands of others have ... that having access to a skilled Tarot reader can be a HUGE asset. Something that helps make your life better, providing important insights and guidance.

You are ready. If you need more specific advice, go to our Tarot Reading Tips page ... or if you are REALLY ready ... go directly to our Get A Tarot Reading, now page ... or just call our toll free number:  
1-800-326-5923. Good in the USA and Canada. Someone is always available for readings and/or to answer your questions.

If you have something specific in mind you want to talk with tarot reader about you can select from our Tarot Love Reading page ... Tarot Fate And Future Reading page ... Tarot Money Reading page ... or ... Spiritual Tarot Reading page. If you prefer, you can Meet Our Tarot Readers and choose a Tarot reader to speak with.

Thanks for visiting this page and taking the time to explore it. Be well and enjoy!

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