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Tips Before Getting A Tarot Reading

"Help and suggestions before getting a tarot reading ... Advice on selecting a tarot reader ... Questions to ask ... What to expect ... and more!"

What is most important is that you feel very comfortable with whomever you choose to perform a personal tarot reading. As in all things in life, we want to find what is right for ourselves. Finding a tarot reader is no different. Since we are dealing in the area of the spiritual and mystical, a good suggestion is to go with your intuition. Does a person or circumstances feel "right" to you? Then, you are likely making the right choice.

Before a Tarot reading, take some time to focused on what you want to ask. Maybe even write down a list of things you want to ask. Then, think about it. What is the big general question that would include all the other questions. Example: maybe you want to know if some person is faithful? ... or in love with you? ... If you have met your soulmate or not? ... Will the relationship last? All these questions are about love. So, you want a love reading AND you are interested in the future of a current relationship (or maybe if there is a lover in the future if you are currently single). You can ask as many questions as you would like, and each question may require a new "tarot spread".

Maybe you have questions about your job ... should you stay? ... is there a better job in the future? ... Are there people at your place of work that plan to make you look bad? ... Will you get a raise? These are all questions about money, really. Your career, or anyone's, is about making money. So, you want a Tarot money reading, with particular attention paid to career path. Are you getting the idea? The time spent on getting your questions organized, your thoughts organized, around a single topic will help enhance your reading and keep it focused.

Generally, it is best to only deal with ONE topic of interest per session with a tarot reader. If you have just one, burning question, like, "will my lover return?", or "should I choose a one job offer over another?", great! That is focus. Just remember the cards may indicate that your lover or the job choice may have some twists and turns and may not be as simple as you think. You would be surprise how that turns out to be a really good thing. Bottom line, focus and keeping the tarot reading to a single topic is always best. You can ALWAYS get another reading on another topic, laterIt is not wise to try and jam anything and everything into one reading.

You can have individual "tarot spreads" (how many cards are chosen and how those cards are laid-out on a table) for each question that you want answered. You may have several questions on a given topic. Discuss with your reader what kind of "tarot spreads" would be best and how best to state your question(s) before the tarot spread is started. Your reader is there to help and guide you. It is not necessary for you to know anything about tarot.

It is a beautiful thing if you really connect with a particular Tarot reader. You would be surprised what a long term working relationship can yield. If you find you work well with a particular tarot reader or psychic and seem to be getting great results, you have found yourself a great asset for dealing with important events in the future.

One of the more interesting types of Tarot readings that people ask for is a reading on another person or events. In other words, is there a person whom you would like more insight into? This person can be close to you. They might be someone with whom you are acquainted or just met. Or, they could be someone you have known for years yet never really seem to completely understand. Tarot readings about other people can be very revealing and very helpful. Wouldn't understanding your boss better be very helpful ... or a business partner ... or even a reading about an upcoming business deal?

Talented tarot readers tend to work with a number of divination tools. It is not uncommon for a tarot reader to suggest working with another divination tool such as astrology, crystals, consulting spirit guides or numerology (usually in an effort to clarify answers, insights and/or timelines). This can generally be a good thing and in your best interests.

If this is your first tarot reading, welcome! We are so pleased you choose our site for your first tarot reading. Like your first job or first kiss or any other new experience, it is sure to be a memorial one. If this is your first time using our service, thanks for giving us the chance to prove our chosen readers are some of the finest you will ever meet.

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