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About Hope

Specialties: Love Psychic, Psychic Medium, Career Psychic, Intuitive/Empath, Energy Healing
Tools: Tarot, Reiki/Healing, Angel Cards, Crystals, Can Read Without Tools
Reading Style: Compassionate

Customer Endorsements

Career & Finances - 157
Life, Destiny & Meaning - 143
Loss & Grieving - 103
Love, Relationships & Family - 272

More About Hope

Years of Experience: 19
BLESSINGS! Ready to shift your OUTLOOK on life? Want to know the BRIGHTER side of things? Time to experience the EMPOWERING difference of insightful and spiritual change! Feel the AWAKENING to your higher, authentic self! Look no further! It is time to SHINE with some HOPE.

Since I was a child, I was gifted with a strong sense of intuition and mediumship abilities. As time went on, I learned to become more comfortable in my own skin with my gifts and trusted Spirit to show me the way. It has become an exciting adventure to grow and learn from others that became my teachers and helped expand my healing modalities. Then the universe came knocking on my door! It was my time to respond to my higher calling and bring forth my healing gifts to the world.

As a Psychic Source Advisor, it has been a pleasure to be a guiding light to help those around the world that need inspiration, direction, and some HOPE in their spiritual journeys. I am gifted as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath, Akashic Records Reader, Reiki Practitioner, and Empowerment Life Coach. I have the abilities of clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudience (clear audio), and clairsentience (clear feeling and empath), and much more.  I do anything from reading tarot or angel cards, performing distance reiki, channeling as a psychic medium, or being a compassionate listener as a life coach. I love to be diverse with my modalities to help make a positive impact in people's lives.

Most importantly, I connect with the spirits and angels, receive psychic information, and infuse healing energies within my sessions.  I inspire people in areas of improving love, career, business, spirituality, self-confidence, and over-coming fears. Also, I strongly connect with deceased loved ones and pets from the other side, along with finding lost objects.

Last, when doing a session with me, please have yourself in a quiet place and be open-minded, so the energy flows naturally.   When it comes to a general reading, please expect a session to have broad answers based on what the topics maybe. You never know what could come up, especially if you asked for one.  It is wonderful when you have specific questions for me. It narrows down the energy more and provides better clarity and deeper answers.  It also makes the session go smoother.  It is all about having a great connection and conversation together.  It will be a joy and blessing to guide you. INSPIRING is what I do. I will show you the way!

Words of Wisdom

May your day be filled with Love, Magic, and lots of Sparkle - unknown.

You can call Tarot Reader And Psychic Hope At:
Hope's Personal Ext. 3496

Special For New Callers: First Time Readings Is Only 10 dollars for 10 minutes!

Satisfaction guarantee! It is important that you find your reading valuable.
Therefore, you appreciate your latest personal reading, or it is free. Call free for details.

Although Hope tries to take everyone's call that wants to speak with her, she has to eat, rest and relax sometime. If Hope is unavailable, there are many other talented tarot readers who are available and would love to assist you. There are ALWAYS screened, professional readers ready to take your call ... just so you know.

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